If Metta World Peace has to file a restraining order against someone you KNOW that they must be batshit crazy. The 36-year old forward, who just recently re-signed with the Lakers, reportedly became so terrified of a deranged woman that he was forced to get help from the LAPD.

According to TMZ, World Peace's crazed stalker, Miesha Shakes, has been tormenting him via email since 2015, accusing him of raping women, and has reportedly made good on some of her threats; like the time she threw a brick through a window in his building and slashed his tires. 

One disturbing email read:

"I apologize in advance, I'm going out with a bang. This will be the worst thing to ever happen in Westwood. Call cops I'm ready."

In addition to threats against him, the stalker has also threatened his family including his two teenage daughters, one of which was allegedly attacked by her.

"He also claims she physically attacked his 19-year-old daughter and "was waiting outside for my 13 yr old daughter after school.""

In filing for the restraining order, World Peace requested that the deranged woman stay 1 million yards away from him, his family, his home, his workplace, his kids' school and "Earth." 

A judge couldn't grant his 1 million mile wish, but she did order his stalker to stay 100 yards away from him and his family in all of the specified locations.