Well here’s a messed up story. Mexican authorities have found at least 29 bodies stuffed in 119 plastic bags that were dumped in the bottom of a well outside the western city of Guadalajara. Other reports say as many as 41 bodies could be compiled in the bags as they still investigate the scene, but 29 is confirmed.

"We have 13 complete corpses and 16 incomplete, for a total of 29 bodies," said Gerardo Solis, chief prosecutor for the state of Jalisco.

"Different body parts are being examined by forensic anthropologists and analysts to determine to what extent the number is going to increase," said the state's special prosecutor for missing persons cases, Blanca Trujillo.

Of the 29 victims, twenty-seven of them are men and two are women, Trujillo said. Only four of the victims have actually been identified though.

Back in 2006, the Mexican government launched a military operation to help fight the nation's drug cartels. Since then, the military has discovered more than 3,000 unmarked graves and around 5,000 bodies, while a total of roughly 250,000 have been murdered in the 13 or so years since. Just back in May, authorities discovered a similiar mass grave with 30 bodies at a nearby site.