Mexico is among the many countries that are ready to move forward with cannabis legalization. Unfortunately, they've been facing setbacks in passing bills that would decriminalize marijuana for recreational use. The good news is that a top court in Mexico has officially ruled that prohibiting recreational use or the cultivation of cannabis in one's home is unconstitutional.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to BBC, Mexico's Supreme Court ruled 8-3 in favor of reversing the anti-marijuana laws that were put in place. The new decision means that people 18 and over will be able to apply for a permit to consume and cultivate cannabis. Residents with the permit are limited to holding up to 28 grams and growing eight plants. However, smoking publicly or in front of children is still prohibited.

"Today is a historic day for liberties," said Supreme Court president Arturo Zaldívar.

Despite this, some don't agree that this entirely addresses the issues at hand. Non-government association Mexico Against United Crime said that ruling "does not decriminalize the activities necessary to carry out consumption."

Mexico's lower house approved of a bill that would legalize cannabis use, though the Senate has yet to give make a ruling. Mexico's Supreme Court ruling doesn't address that it's currently illegal to carry more than five grams. 

In addition to creating a massive legal market for cannabis, many believe that this could help address violence among drug cartels.