Make no mistakes, Machine Gun Kelly is having an incredible year. His new album Tickets To My Downfall broke genre barriers and hit #1 on the Billboard 200. He's also made strides as a movie and television star

But has he had as big of an impact on music as Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, and Pop Smoke did in 2020?

Carl Chery, a hip-hop tastemaker and the Creative Director and Head of Urban Music at Spotify, sent out a tweet about Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, and Pop Smoke owning things this year, later clarifying that he was speaking about music as a whole, and not just hip-hop. 

Machine Gun Kelly saw the tweet and wondered where his name was, arguing that he should also be in that conversation.

"Then my #1 album, first week sales, and breaking the genre box we as artist’s are put into will gladly jump in this conversation then," replied MGK. "As well as being the forefront of creating a format for quarantine videos and music which has been the entire 2020."

MGK has a point. He was huge at the beginning of the quarantine, releasing new videos on a near-daily basis. However, Carl Chery seemingly doesn't believe that's enough to be added to the conversation. 

"Roddy’s album no.1 four weeks and 'The Box' is the biggest song of the year. Fact," hit back Chery. "Lil Baby no.1 for five weeks. Only double platinum album of the year. King of features. Pop debuted at no.1 and went back to no.1 three months later. Only a select few can be in that convo."

Do you think Machine Gun Kelly should be in that conversation?