Michael B. Jordan is riding a wave of critical admiration and box-office success, thanks to his acclaimed turn as Killmonger in the hugely successful Black Panther film. However, this elevated level of notoriety will inevitably round up a larger pool of haters, who are elated to see a celebrity's public demise and fledging ubiquity. 

Jordan has publicly announced his love of anime many times in the past, most recently speaking about his affinity for the hugely popular genre on Complex's Hot Ones series. However, one Twitter troll has called out the actor for a myriad of things that are commonly frowned upon socially, including shortness, living with ones parents at an older age, as well as a fondness for "childish" anime.

Jordan felt the need to respond to this comment and set the record straight on some facts that needed to be amended, as they were essentially untrue. 

In this specific tweet, the actor reveals how he is quite the fan of Goku and Naruto, two anime legends with cross-generational appeal. However, one Twitter user was critical of the fact that Jordan only listed more mainstream fare, and that his love of the art form is shallow and superficial. 

Again, Jordan provided a response to this brash character judgement, stating how he only listed the more recognizable anime figures for people who aren't as invested in it as he is.