Joel Embiid has rapidly become one of the NBA's most popular and recognized centers. His personality has made him a fixture on social media and has often made his interviews rather entertaining. The Sixer Sense, a seventy sixers' fan site asserts, "Embiid is a personality. He’s a marketable product more than nearly any other player in the NBA. These other young big men don’t have the type of lighthearted fun that Joel Embiid does."

Creed actor Michael B. Jordan, one of the many individuals that have taken note of Embiid's engaging persona, recently suggested that Embiid may have what it takes to be a talented actor —certainly the qualities of an actor that Jordan would be glad to star opposite. While at a seventy sixers game earlier this week, Jordan and his Creed 2 co-star Tessa Thompson were briefly quizzed about which ballplayers they think would make excellent fellow cast members. After taking a short moment to craft his response, Jordan said, “I mean, Joel Embiid is a character, so I feel like it’d be pretty cool to star opposite him. He went on to specify the kind of roles he could envision taking on alongside Embiid adding, “A little buddy cop action, something like that.”

Catch the video below.