Donovan McNabb has been in the news recently because of some interesting comments he made regarding his status in the NFL and whether or not he belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. McNabb told TMZ Sports that he should be Hall of Famer and that his stats are better than Troy Aikman's. For McNabb, this means he is a lock to make the Hall someday and that people should stop questioning his pedigree.

Aikman's teammate and wide receiver during his championship days in Dallas, Michael Irvin, also went on TMZ Sports to directly respond to McNabb's assertions and whether or not he's really better than the three-time Super Bowl champion. As you would imagine, Irvin respectfully disagrees with McNabb, although he does believe he deserves a spot in the Hall.

"It just seems like everybody is talking about numbers and not the number that matters most and that's winning ... that's what playing the game is all about -- winning football games, winning Super Bowls and of course, Troy Aikman has done that," Irvin explained.

Irvin also went on to say that if Aikman had played in the same style offense as McNabb, his numbers would have been even better, which further puts a fork in McNabb's argument.

McNabb also said he would have preferred a career in the NBA, which is a pretty interesting admission.