After Leaving Neverland aired, people around the world have been trying to get the inside scoop from those who used to work with Michael Jackson, his family, and his friends. Two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, have accused Jackson of sexually molesting them when they were children but the pop star's former security detail does not believe a word of what they're saying. During a recent podcast appearance, Bill Whitfield insisted that Michael was a heterosexual man, often having long conversations about women in the car and witnessing him pursue a few ladies. 

Junko Kimura/Getty Images

Of course, Jackson has children with his previous female partners, which seems to point to him being straight. His ex-bodyguard attempted to clear MJ's name by telling a story of when Jackson spoke to a woman on a street corner after his car pulled over, getting her number. During the talk, Whitfield is adamant that Jackson is a straight man, revealing that he and the pop star would have "locker room talk" in the car sometimes. He refused to detail any of the specifics about Michael's sexual life though, keeping that information private. However, he did note that he wouldn't bring women to his house because of his kids.

Whitfield previously wrote a book about his experiences protecting Michael Jackson. He is one of many that is defending him in the wake of new allegations against him. During the podcast, he clearly says that he believes Robson and Safechuck are lying on Michael's name, accusing them of fabricating falsities to support their stories.