Michael K. Williams, otherwise known as Omar, was interviewed briefly by Variety at the HFPA and InStyle party during the Toronto International Film Festival, where he clarified that he still wants to be in a Star Wars movie even though his role was cut from Solo: A Star Wars Story. He wasn't bitter about the fact that he was cut from Solo, seeing that his part was edited out because of scheduling conflicts on the reshoot, saying: "I'm more interested in getting another shot at being in that galaxy."

When asked if he'd seen the movie he replied, cannily, “I have not had the chance to see ‘Solo’ but shout out to my cast mates. Even though I didn’t make the final cut, they’re still my cast mates. I love you guys.” Very tactful. A man's gotta have a code, after all. 

Williams is most famous for his role in the acclaimed TV show The Wire, where he played Omar Little, the fan favourite Robin Hood type who was a thief, but would only steal from those "in the game." In other words he robbed trap houses. Just imagine what it would be like to watch Omar in space.