Ice Cube has been on a roll with his social media presence as of late. He has been sharing plenty of messages throughout the day about the current climate of the world but everything got a little muddy when he began posting messages that support a popular anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

The rapper responded to the controversy about his "Black Cube of Saturn" posts, claiming that he did not get hacked and he stands by everything he puts online.

"This is CUBE. My account has not been hacked. I speak for no organization. I only speak for the meek people of thee earth," he wrote. "We will not expect crumbles from your table. We have to power of almighty God backing us all over the earth. NO MORE TALKING. Repent."

The incident had hi trending for much of the day, leading Michael Rapaport to share his opinion. The often controversial actor backed up the legendary rapper, claiming that he's far from anti-Semitic.

"Yo @icecube ain't Anti-Semetic. He's anti-asshole. Let the OG Disruptor Disrupt," said Rapaport. 

Ice Cube responded to him, co-signing the message.

"Someone who actually knows me," wrote Cube, linking to the message.

Ice Cube has been spreading some real-ass posts on social media. These ones didn't hit with a wide audience but we expect him to get back on a hot streak sooner rather than later.