As for today's most un-shocking news, Michelle Obama has been labeled the most admired woman in America, ending Hillary Clinton's 17-year run. Michelle joins her husband and first Black president, Barack Obama, as he takes the number one spot as the most admired man in America, Gallup  reports. 

The poll asked people open-ended questions about the women they admire in the country from December 3rd -12th, CNNreports, and 15% chose the former first lady. Coming second was Oprah Winfrey, followed by Hillary and Melanie Trump. 

Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

Michelle has been doing a press tour for her new memoir Becoming that has taken her all over to discuss her highly acclaimed book. She most recently paid a visit to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and discussed a photo of her at Donald Trump's inauguration to which she said: "Yeah, it's like 'Bye Felicia.'"

"A lot was going on that day. That was a day," she said when discussing leaving the White House. "And right before that, my daughters' friends decided they needed a sleepover for the last day. I was like 'Are you guys kidding me? We're leaving. You gotta take all your stuff, pick it up. The blankets, the bears.' They're all crying, I'm like 'Get out. We've got to go!' So there was that and then Tiffany's box. It was just, you know, a lot.