Mick Jenkins: On The Come Up

HNHH Staff
September 16, 2015 10:19

HotNewHipHop's "On The Come Up" returns for a third season.

We're back at it today, launching a new season of our On The Come Up video series, where we give you all the #facts you need to know about rappers who are on the cusp of breaking. HNHH mainstay Mick Jenkins is helping us kick off the new season.

The Chicago native, who earlier in the summer dropped a new album, Wave[s], brings us up to speed on how he progressed from his first mixtape-- Trees And Truths-- up until Wave[s], as well as what's coming after Wave[s].

"I've been done with the actual words and recording of Wave[s] since like April," Mick reveals during the segment. "So since then, I've been working on an album which will be called The Healing Component. Very extensive, very conceptual. I think people will hear a lot more of what they've come to love about Mick Jenkins and the rapping, and a more polished version of what they got in Wave[s]; which is definitely just an experimental phase for me. And meshing all of that together to make this bigger concept come to life."

He also provided a few cautionary words when it comes to his latest release: "Wave[s] ain't really shit. Water[s] took me a year and some change to write, I did Wave[s] in two months-- I really want people to think about that. Water[s] was music I created to change and fit, and make a concept come home and be understood,and Wave[s] was just pure feelings, even though the content didn't really change."

Stay tuned for a new episode of OTCU every Wednesday.

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