Mick Jenkins album rollout has been effectively timed, with singles dropping in the space of two weeks at a time, give or take. At the beginning of the month, Mick announced that the project was entirely completed at which committed a bit of a lie, in saying, "Y'all got like a day or 3 or 4 or more" before it dropped. Thankfully, no one seems to be holding him accountable for the lie. Just a day ago to be exact, Mick Jenkins jumped on Instagram to air out the final release date alongside the evocative cover art. The message: "The Album, PIECES OF A MAN, releases October 26th."

The Insta message coincided with the release of his Kaytranada-assisted video single "Understood," a life-affirming project which puts 'Black Joy' and intimacy into perspective, from Mick's bird's eye view.

Watch below:

"Deep conversations about language, which one you speak?
Lotta n****s claim bilingual, lie through they teeth
Shout out to the money, it's on the tip of they tongue
You know the feeling when the words just outside your reach, yuh," Mick spits.

Be on the lookout for Pieces of a Man on the last week of October. It's been 8 months since we've been paid a visit.