Despite not taking home any Grammy Awards, it's hard to dispute that the Migos didn't have a major weekend. They launched their highly anticipated third album Culture II on Friday which has pretty much been the only thing the Internet was buzzing about until the Grammys aired last night. Prior to the album's release, there was a lot of speculation about Kanye West being heavily involved in the project with some even speculating he'd end up executive producing the project. While that may not have happened, he did end up doing some production on the project but there might be more work between the ATL trio and Yeezy.

Migos and Ebro covered a lot of topics on the second part of the group's Beats1 interview. Around the top of the interview, Ebro asks the group about the 21 Savage assisted single "BBO." Quavo then reveals the song was produced by Buddha Bless, DJ Durel and of course, Kanye West. However, Quavo mentioned that Kanye "got a lot of shit over there." After Ebro asks if they have more music together, Offset simply says "stash." 

Ebro asks if they recorded at Kanye's house which Quavo replies, "To the crazy compound with all the top secret s*** go down."

While it's unsure when this "stash" of Migos and Kanye collaborations will surface, hopefully its soon. Kanye's worked with Quavo on the past, specifically on the G.O.O.D Music posse cut, "Champions" from 2016. 

Check out part two of their interview with Ebro below where they also touch on E-Migo-ji's, recording "Narcos" in South Africa and more.