With Super Bowl 50 pitted as a matchup between dabbin', swaggin' Cam Newton and Papa John's franchise-havin' Peyton Manning, it was no surprise that the majority of the hip hop community threw its weight behind the Carolina Panthers. It is also no surprise to see that some rappers put huge stacks on the game, confident that the 17-1 Panthers could deliver one more W.

The Panthers lost, of course. The biggest gambling loss that has been made public belongs to Migos, who claimed to lose $75,000 on the game.

"DAMN CAM!!! #DABNEWTON," the group wrote. "GREAT SEASON THO!! WE TOOK A LOST TOO!! 75k."

The Panthers were favored by 5.5 points, meaning that they would have had to win by 6 points or more for Migos to profit (assuming they bet against the spread).

Yo Gotti didn't escape unscathed either... he lost $30,000 betting on #DabNewton. Something tells me he'll be alright.