Migos know how to create a buzz. They have also proven to be savvy entrepreneurs creating a jingle -- "Dab Of Ranch" -- to go along their special flavor of Rap Snacks potato chips. 

Indeed, Offset is so fond of the product that he bought out a convenience store's stock of Migos-flavored Rap Snacks. The ATL rapper carted away all the "Dab Of Ranch" potato chips and left the other flavors on the shelves. A video has been circulating online showing Offset's extravagant purchase. 

"You got to buy your own product when you see it in the store," he says in the video, flashing a large wad of money while he dances.

The group has become a true phenomenon since Culture dropped a few weeks ago. No doubt, they want to inspire the new generation in more ways than just a dance and a few songs.

Watch the video below to see why Offset carries so much money on him.