COVID-19 has pretty much put an entire dent in the year thus far, and it doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. And while everyone has been impacted by the virus in one way or another, artists have been rendered incapable of touring, which in turn makes the album release window all the more uncertain. While some have suggested virtual touring as an alternative, some artists -- including The Migos -- have been hesitant to commit fully to the change.


Tyler Kaufman/Getty Images

Speaking with VICE, the group explained why they felt the virtual experience would be a lackluster option, especially if there was to be a monetary component. We really do not want it to be virtual because it ain’t like no feeling from a kid to see his favorite group on that stage, right there," explains Offset. "It’s like taking the soul out of the performance when you do virtual ones."

"The experience will never be the same," he continues. "If that was to be, what we working on doing now because when we perform, Migos, like we touch our fans. We interact with our fans, like we talk to them and make sure they speak back to us, on stage, make them chant back. It will take away the soul out of the performance to me."

It's unclear if the group will proceed with a virtual tour regardless of Offset's reservations -- especially if they continue to deliver quality music like "Need It," their latest single that samples a 50 Cent classic. Check out the footage below, courtesy of VICE's "Shelter In Place" series.