Of the three rappers who make up the immensely popular trio Migos, Takeoff is likely the one that casual music fans are the least familiar with. Both Quavo and Offset have raised their profiles by taking feature work on songs by more mainstream artists and, while that is in no way a slight at Takeoff's rapping skills, it means that he's just not in the public eye as much. However, according to TMZ, he's doing just fine when it comes to standing out, especially with his bling.

In an exclusive picture obtained by the gossip outlet, Takeoff has copped himself an incredibly detailed spaced-themed pendant for his latest iced-out chain. With a NASA emblem adorning the diamond-encrusted spacesuit, the creature portrayed in the piece has more in common with the likes of E.T. or one of the aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind than it does with any humanoid figure. 

[Image via TMZ]

With 30 karats of VVS diamonds covering the otherworldly visitor, the accessory set Takeoff back a reported $60,000, which is good enough to also buy yourself a few Bitcoin. Jury's out on which one is the better investment long-term, but not amount of Bitcoin shimmers like this pendant does.

Elliot Avianne's company Avianne & Co Jewelers, the entity that has fashioned bling for some of hip-hop's richest personalities, was the one who supposedly handed off the piece to the rapper during a visit to Miami. There's no indication as to whether or not Takeoff was involved with the design but, with several space-themed jewelry pieces in his possession, it's clear that he's got a running theme when it comes to the iciest part of his wardrobe.