Coming off the drop of last year's War & Leisure, Miguel took some time this morning to hit up The Breakfast Club. "I feel like I talk to you all the time, cause your voice is on in my bedroom, in the best of ways," confesses Charlamagne, prompting a raised eyebrow from Envy and Yee. Amidst the laughter, Miguel comes to the host's defense. "I feel like it's never by himself though," laughs Miguel. "We know what the purpose of the music is." Clearly, Miguel is well aware of his role as a soundtrack to intimate times; in fact, the War & Leisure singer embraces it, wearing his status as a badge of honor.

As the conversation progresses, Miguel opens up about a variety of topics, including last year's War & Leisure, but takes some time to shout out Childish Gambino's acclaimed "This Is America" song and video. "With social media, we're getting to see things as they happen," says Miguel, before elaborating "I think that's we get things like the video from Childish Gambino, that video's incredible, and Kendrick, and we get verses like Cole's on "Come Through And Chill.'" Charlamagne breaks the mood by poking fun at Cole's serious nature, claiming his conscious vibe interfered with the song's raison d'etre. "I love this record but J. Cole, come on bruh," laughs the God. "We just trying to get some girls over."

For more from Miguel, including album talk, insight into his Mexican heritage, and his experience with meditation, peep the interview in full below.