Even though Mike Dean admitted that he was trolling -- after all, he's had a hand in the creation of all of Kanye West's albums -- this is a discussion that could possibly be pretty interesting.

Somebody proposed a situation on Twitter: if Eminem and Kanye West's discographies were combined, which albums would be at the top? Producer Mike Dean replied and said that every Ye album from College Dropout to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy would sit strongly as the best of the best.

A Kanye stan responded and said that Yeezus and The Life of Pablo should be included on that list, to which Dean admitted that he was just trolling, correcting himself and saying that all of West's albums are better than Eminem's. 

Although he is joking, this proposes an interesting equation. Both artists have become legends in their own right and, while they may not be entirely comparable, their discographies are damn-near perfect with the occasional flaw. There have been some mishaps in both of their careers but, for the most part, Em and Ye have influenced almost every rapper in the game. If you had to rank Eminem and Kanye West's albums as a combined force, where would you place their classics?

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