Mike Tyson is set to come out of retirement on Saturday as he will be taking on Roy Jones Jr in what promises to be an interesting exhibition. Unfortunately, the rules for the match are fairly strict as there will be no judges, no knockouts, and no winner. In fact, if one of the fighters suffers a cut, well, the fight is over. Regardless, fans are still excited to see it all go down, and leading up to the fight, Tyson is already cracking a few jokes.

In the social media clip below, Tyson can be seen carving a turkey at the dinner table with his kids. Instead of an actual turkey, the object looks to be in the shape of Roy Jones Jr's head. From there, Tyson notes that he prefers the ear and cuts himself a piece, before noting that it was much better than that of Evander Holyfield.

Tyson's attack on Holyfield is easily one of the most iconic and memorable moments in boxing history, and it's cool to see Tyson taking such a light-hearted approach to it all. Of course, if you're expecting any of these past antics during Saturday's fight, well, you're going to come away incredibly disappointed.

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Mike Tyson

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for iHeartMedia