Mike Tyson is arguably one of the best boxers of all-time, if not for his power alone. There was a time when no one wanted to even get in the ring with Tyson because they knew it probably wasn't going to end very well. Now, Tyson can be heard on his very own podcast where he talks about a plethora of issues related to his personal life. Based on the title of his podcast, "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson," you can probably tell that he's very much into smoking marijuana and the benefits that can come with it.

In the latest episode of his podcast, Tyson shocked his audience when he revealed that he actually spends about $40,000 a month on weed. That's an insane amount of money to be spending on any kind of drug, especially when you realize that most people don't even make that in an entire year. 

Back in January, Tyson smoked weed with Joe Rogan on Rogan's own podcast and the former boxer talked about his weed ranch in the Mojave Desert where he is growing his own supply. The heavyweight champ even told the story about he acquired his tigers.

As you can probably tell, Tyson sure is one interesting individual and his expensive weed habit just adds to his ethos.