It was the season finale of Hot Boxin' with Mike Tyson, so to end things with a bang, the boxing champion called on the hosts of The Joe Budden Podcast. The crew came together to smoke a little and talk a lot as they covered a wide array of topics in the hour-and-a-half episode. Mike talked about his career and what it's been like for him learning how to fall back and "shut up," while Budden and his camp shared how they became friends.

While Rory Farrell noted that he and Joe have similar personalities and that's why their friendship works, Jamil "Mal" Clay said that he and Joe are polar opposites, but that somehow balances them out. "Mal understates this, but for many, many years, Mal has been the person to keep me calm, 'cause I'm off in the head," Joe said. "I used to make erratic, impulsive decisions that would harm no one but me."

Tyson asked why is it that humans are the only species to exhibit such behaviors. He went on to use the example of a person being angry at someone, so instead of addressing the problem, they say, "I'm gonna show you" and begin to drink themselves to death. After they all broke out in hysterical laughter, Tyson got serious. "They're crying out for love," he said. "They want somebody to care so bad they want somebody to say, 'Stop!'"...That's who we are. We play that we're fly, but that's who we are." 

Check out the group as they hotbox while chatting about life below.