Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and Mike Will-Made It connected back in 2013 for their massive anthem, "23." The track ultimately served as one of the biggest singles of the year and showed a new, more grown up side to Miley Cyrus that we never saw until then. Unfortunately, the hit single that once helped Miley Cyrus gain acceptance from the hip hop community might have been ripped off, according to a new lawsuit.

Wiz Khalifa, Miley Cyrus and Mike Will Made-It are being sued by Ariella Asher for allegedly ripping off "23," TMZ reports. Ariella Asher  says that she dropped "J's On My Feet" ft. Fleetwood back in 2012, a year before Wiz, Miley and Mike Will released "23." In Ariella's lawsuit, she called her single a "a hit original musical composition."

Ariella claims that her friend met Mike Will Made-It in 2013 and gave the producer a copy of her track "J's On My Feet." She claims the main lyric of Mike Will's track, "J's on my feet," is directly ripped off from her song. Additionally, she believes Miley took her look for the music video.

She also pointed out that Mike Will's song reached #11 on the charts and garnered 794M views.

Ariella's suing Miley Cyrus, Mike Will Made-It and Wiz Khalifa for copyright infringement. She's seeking to block all future plays of the song, 23. 

Peep the two tracks below and let us know if you hear any similarities.