There's clearly still bad blood between Milan Harris and Meek Mill because, following their break-up several months ago, the fashion designer had an explanation as to why they ended things, and her words weren't the nicest.

Meek Mill can't quite seem to catch a break in his love life. Most recently, he entered a relationship with Milan Harris, also known as Milano di Rouge, a fashion designer who boasts a large social media following. They seemed to be rolling along just fine until they had a baby together. Once their child was born, things got a little weird and the couple ended up going their separate ways. 

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

What happened to cause a rift between the former lovers was never explained but, according to Milan, it all came down to her.

Showing off her delicious-looking Sunday dinner, Milan was asked by a fan why Meek Mill decided to call it quits with her, especially so soon after welcoming their first child into the world. Her reply was very telling.

"Cuz I ain't sh*t, I ain't gon be sh*t, and I don't have sh*t," wrote the businesswoman in the comments. Could that be something that Meek told her? That's what fans are theorizing because, at the end of the day, Milan is a very successful self-starter who has changed her life selling original streetwear designs

What do you think happened?

Most recently, Meek Mill has been shooting his shot at LisaRaye McCoy, commenting on her OnlyFans announcement and asking if a VIP option was available. LRaye responded to the rapper by saying that he could ask her on a date whenever.