Memes have been made into a culture. They're usually meant to prompt laughter, even though they might be used to throw shade at times. Some internet trolls have taken this to the next level by creating homophobic memes of Millie Bobby Brown with photoshop. They've been adding slurs to her image, making it appear as if the young teen is a proponent of homophobic violence. Here are some examples:

The rising popularity of such posts pushed Brown to leave Twitter. The trend believed to be part of #TakeDownMillieBrown which started last November. It seems like Pride month was the catalyst for the resurfacing popularity of the hashtag and along with the meme. Apparently, the post found in this screenshot initiated the trend:

This story has many layers of absurdity, starting from the disrespectful posts themselves. Firstly, Brown is a public advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. Why would the possibility of her being homophobic ever even come to anyone's mind? Then, some are claiming the whole thing to be an inside joke of the gay community. Perhaps her obvious innocence is meant to be ironic. Appearing among the memes are testimonials that referring to encounters with the actress. They are outlandish, to say the least. Here's one that gained a lot of attention.

Brown has yet to address the situation and fans are left in confusion. Others are clearly upset.

It is still unclear why Millie was chosen for this trend. Hopefully, the bullying dies down soon so she could return to being a regular teenaged social media user.