Everybody knows that, unless your name is Kanye West, your activity on social media speaks volumes. Almost any sort of emotionally-charged tweet is subliminally directed to somebody in particular. For example, if you tweet about someone "getting left behind" for being extra, there's a good chance you're referring to somebody who you want to get the message.

Moneybagg Yo logged onto the social network this week to get something off his chest. While his note didn't land with everybody -- in fact, pretty much everybody is still trying to figure out what the hell he was trying to say -- Ari Fletcher took the bait and responded to her man.

"All dat extra shit get u left behind," wrote Bagg on Twitter. His girlfriend Ari Fletcher was quick to notice the post, asking him what he was on about and seemingly assuming that it was about her.

"Who you talking about?" she asked. 

The Memphis rapper told her that she has nothing to worry about, tweeting another message that is difficult to decipher.

"Dam I can't tweet?!" laughed Bagg. "Me and u not into y it got to personal could be in general."

If you're having trouble reading what he's trying to say, you're not alone. The general message appears to be that it was just left on his page for anybody to interact with, not meant for Ari or anybody in particular.