On Monday, Brandy and Monica engaged in a record-breaking Verzuz battle, one that featured no shortage of R&B classic tunes and highly meme-worthy moments. In fact, the sheer numbers the event drew in are staggering to behold, with over 5,000,000,000 total impressions, 1,243,000 concurrent viewers, and over 4,200,000 million total viewers. Suffice it to say, the draw speaks to the respective legacies of the two legendary singers, both of whom have assembled some massive hits throughout the years.

Monica Verzuz

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images 

And while the event was supposed to be a celebration, it didn't take long for viewers to draw unflattering conclusions -- namely that Monica did not actually want to be there, or worse, that she was nursing a grudge toward her "The Boy Is Mine" collaborator. Of course, the pair do have quite a lengthy and occasionally tumultuous history, so it's not surprising that many took it there. Last night, Monica took to Instagram to share her own take on the event, making sure to show Brandy some love with a heartfelt message of praise. 

"My Prayers have been said as well as Many of them answered !" she begins, alongside a buddied-up picture of the collaborators in action. "Communication & Compassion bridged a gap that not many will understand! I celebrate you @brandy ... Your legacy , Music & Catalogue are undeniable!!" Though it's likely that some will remain adamant that a deep-seated animosity still exists between the two, it's great to see Monica stepping up and paying homage to Brandy in such a fashion. Check out the message below, and sound off in the comments -- who do you think took the win?