Any Millenial knows the struggle of certain things like seriously trying to buy a property while sometimes juggling more than one job, trying to pay off student loans. All aspects of that particular generation have been turned into a limited edition version of the beloved (but fight inducing) board game, Monopoly. The new spinoff even fronts a logo that speaks to the masses: "Forget real estate. You can't afford it anyway."

The original game is all about saving up fake money and owning houses and hotels, but this game is all about racking up experiences, something that Millennials are seemingly more into? Certain experiences are visiting your friend's house, a vegan bistro, coffee shops, and a meditation retreat while game pieces are sunglasses, a camera, and a hashtag. 

As for the Community Chest and Chance cards that always feel like a treat to pick up, some of the descriptions include "Your cellmate is sick of you vlogging about prison life. Get out of jail free," "Your mom learned how to text! Advance to Go" and "You get a fourth job. Hashtag hustle. Hashtag side gig. Hashtag NoDaysOff."

The game is sold exclusively at Walmart and as of right now, it's sold out.