Monster Energy has reportedly filed legal documents with the U.S. Patent Office, claiming that the logo the Toronto Raptors is too similar to their own logo. 

According to CBC, the initial suit was put forth in 2015, and the fight is still ongoing, as a judge will ultimately have to decide whether a consumer would likely be confused. Monster's logo, featuring vertical gashes, resembling those from a claw, has been in use since 2012. The Raptors began using their logo, a basketball with three diagonal claw gashes, in 2014.

According to CBC, the company's documents reads:

"[Monster] will be damaged by registration of the [Raptors] in that the mark will dilute the distinctive qualities of [Monster's] mark ... and will lessen the ability of [Monster's] mark to distinguish its goods."

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Raptors, issued the following response:

"In one case you have a very popular logo from an NBA franchise that everybody understands is Toronto Raptors. And on the other, you have a logo that everybody understands is Monster Energy. 

"It appears on its face the logos are pretty different."