OnlyFans has been a money-making platform for many unemployed people during this COVID-19 pandemic. The clothing-optional subscription-based site has been lucrative for thousands of users, but rapper Montana of 300 had a few words for the ladies who think they're going to strip down for strangers while also waiting for their "true King." He believes that their actions will disqualify them because no King wants a woman who behaves in such a way.

"Women who have an Onlyfans, will never find a true King who genuinely likes/loves you. You are automatically disqualified," the Chicago rapper tweeted. A Queen carries herself as such @ all times...already moving that way b4 she met her King. Act like a peasant 4 the public n Kings will treat u that way." 

People were quick with their attempts to shut him down, but Montana of 300 wouldn't be swayed. "No King wants that 4 his wife, his daughter or his mother. U’ll never get taken serious by a real man... 4 y’all that’s acting so attacked n offended by my Only Fans tweet...Discipline is just choosing between what u want NOW and what u want the MOST. Some women’s ultimate goal is to be married to a real man w/ morals. If that ain’t the case, continue exposing yourself n gettin yo $."

He later asked women if they would be open to joining his podcast because he'd like to carry on the discussion with ladies who agreed and disagreed with him. Do you think Montana of 300 is right?