Montana of 300 is sure to turn some heads with his recent string of tweets. The Chicago rapper sent out a couple of head-scratching and thought-provoking tweets regarding the current landscape of the music industry. In a curious move, Montana went from out of nowhere to compare how the industry is transforming young rappers into an image they may not necessarily intend on promoting. In doing so, the rapper likely angered the LGBT members of his fanbase by saying that, while a gang lifestyle was intriguing in different eras of rap, now rappers are all about "a whole lotta gay shit."

The Chicagoan's first tweet writes, "'A whole lot of gang shit' turning N2 'A whole lotta gay shit' |Nothing worse than a kid gettin embarrassed by how their parents carry themselves. Fuck the rap! As a FATHER, U should know you’re your son’s 1st hero. Now imagine your son being teased about his father being gay." While it is in no way a negative thing to identify as homosexual, Montana may alienate a lot of potential listeners with his comments. He continued, "The industry is turning so many black men into feminine ass slaves, it’s became [sic] the new prison. It’s gotta be a lot of disappointed fathers and mothers out there. Sad af. Teach your kids to Never 'sell your soul' (do anything outta your character) for a dollar or recognition."

While the root of Montana's remarks is not specified, he may be referring to a movement of rappers like Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug who consistently challenge the norms of masculinity. Montana is set to release his upcoming album Pray 4 The Devil later this year.