The Slim Jesus movement has been met its with fair share of hate, and that's putting it kindly. He recently told us that he's been the target of over 500 diss tracks. The usual charge against him is that he has no right to be rapping about the Chiraq lifestyle when he comes from a very different town: Hamilton, Ohio. Funnily enough, Jesus has received cosigns from many of the finest drill artists in Chicago. Such rappers include Lil Bibby, Lil Herb, and Montana of 300, who has a feature on an upcoming Jesus track. 

During a recent interview with VladTV, Montana provided an insightful response to all the controversy surrounding his decision to collaborate with the 18-year-old rapper. Montana first explained how he's not into gang banging and how he thinks Jesus might be telling more truths than a lot of rappers out there. Montana compared Jesus not living the life about which he raps to seeing his own white fans chant Montana lyrics at concerts. He sees authenticity in Jesus simply for being himself.

Slim Jesus included a Montana lyric, "let that 40 bang," in "Drill Time," his breakout hit. Montana didn't see that as an offense; instead, he responded to fans asking for a collab by hitting up Jesus on Twitter. The song hasn't been recorded yet, but Montana confirmed that they're setting it up soon. 

Watch the whole interview below.