Montana of 300 released his sophomore album Don't Doubt The God Saturday, but he won't be able to enjoy release day with his fans. According to a post on the Chicago rapper's Instagram page, he is currently incarcerated, though there aren't many details available regarding his circumstances.

"I'm locked up right now...I'm in this mf working on the future," Montana wrote Wednesday. However, he did not share any further information on the situation, only that he will "be home very soon."

On a more positive note, Montana was very excited to share his new music with fans. "I appreciate all the love and support and ears," he wrote. "Enjoy and listen for the msgs please. I'm not jus rapping to make money. I rap to lift up my ppl as well." The rapper's full message can be read above.

Don't Doubt The God, which is the follow-up to 2016's Fire In The Church (released one year ago today) is available for stream here.

Watch Montana's episode of On The Come Up below.