New material from the late Tupac Shakur is understandably hard to come by, so much so that even a prison letter from the rapper can sell for six figures. As a result, pretty much anything written in ‘Pac’s handwriting is now worth a good chunk of change.

According to TMZ, someone responding to a Craigslist post for baseball cards hit the jackpot when they discovered the seller was also in possession of three notebooks containing Shakur’s lyrics and ideas. The buyer was also able to purchase CDs containing unreleased material from the California rapper. One item that’s up for sale is two pages of ideas for a music video for his 1993 song “Point The Finga,” although no video was every made for the song. Those two pages alone are expected to go for $35,000 at the minimum, so the guy who came up on these notebooks is about to make a killing.

How did this mysterious seller have so much old ‘Pac material? Apparently his father worked with Tupac for years. No word on how much he parted with all the goods for, but we’re willing to bet it wasn’t nearly enough.

Tupac Shakur’s mother Afeni has kept a strict policy of not allowing the sale of late son’s memorabilia, and will try and block this sale as well.