In the past, images and news stories regarding infant marijuana use have effectively puzzled throngs of level-headed citizens who would never think to replace a baby's bottle with a bong. However, some parents still find some inexplicable novelty in capturing this disturbing behaviour on camera and sharing it online thinking that they will avoid any penalization. 

Brianna Ashanti Lofto, who recently shared a video on social media of her infant daughter smoking a blunt, has been arrested by authorities after the clip went viral. She has been charged with two counts of felony child abuse, alongside contributing to delinquency and possession of marijuana. 

In the 10-second video, an adult is visibly seen putting a blunt in the baby's mouth, who then appears to take a drag before letting out a cloud of smoke. Facebook users who witnessed this alarming video immediately took screenshots and reported the incident to authorities. In response, the Raleigh Police Department took to Facebook to acknowledge those who helped bring this video to their attention. The infant has since been placed in protective custody while her mother begins to deal with all the legal hardships she brought upon herself. 

neighbour who knew the child revealed to WNCN that they were "totally flabbergasted over the simple fact that I saw that baby smoking. The bad thing about it is I've seen that baby, said hi to the baby, touched that baby, because I have a little daughter of my own, so I interacted with her."