Mozzy Shoots To Kill In The "Walk Up" Music Video

Devin Ch
September 27, 2018 16:09

Mozzy emboldens the narrative of his "Walk Up" single with graphic visuals.

Mozzy debuted the visuals to his new single "Walk Up" shortly after it reached streaming platforms this morning. The "Walk Up" music video gives the body of his lyrics added weight, by weaving together a storyline built around a late night hoo ride. The concept is simple: Mozzy is the schemer and the eldest of the bunch, so it's his job to write "the mock-up," for the night's plans.

The easy-to-follow narrative arc leads us down a graphic tunnelway. Presumably, the character Mozzy is portraying (based around his milieu) and an assailant stalk two men who are chatting a corner store attendant, who happens to be wearing Mozzy fan-merch. Then they run up with semi-automatics untucked, yapping both targets execution style without a moment's hesitation. The violent overture leaves the innocent corner store attendant shaking in their wake, reminiscent of the jarring scene in Menace II Society where Caine kills the clerk and wife.

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