Tekashi 6ix9ine is having a hard time with life right now. The rainbow-haired rapper was scooped up by the Feds on RICO charges this past weekend. According to the Feds, Tekashi's involvement with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods makes him guilty by association in several crimes including gun possession charges, shooting charges, and drug charges. Tekashi is currently facing 25 to life, and that's without taking into account his legal fees and probation. 

According to TMZMTA is aiming to kick Tekashi while he's down. 6ix9ine went on The Breakfast Club last week, and claimed that the booking company was stealing millions of dollars from him. Now, MTA has fired back. Aside from sending Tekashi's legal team a cease and desist letter, they are threatening to sue if the "Gummo" rapper doesn't apologize. That's not it though. Tekashi offered the courts all the money he currently had, which was reported to be around $1.7 million, for bail. MTA is claiming that they paid Tekashi an advance of $860,000 for shows in the US, Mexico, and Germany. It doesn't look like Tekashi will be making those shows, so MTA wants the money back and is working with its legal team to make sure he doesn't spend it. What's even more concerning is that Tekashi only has just under a million dollars left when you take out those MTA advances. What's he been doing with his money this whole time? His legal team is going to devour the rest of his net worth in the upcoming months.