Josiah Camp, more famously known by the name Jesse Camp, has disappeared. Camp rose to fame in the late 90's after he won MTV's competition series Wanna Be a VJ? He then served as a VJ on TRL before branching off to pursue a career in music as well. Camp's family and friends have reported him missing to police, and according to PageSixthe VJ and musician has been off the grid since around July 11. 

Camp usually keeps in touch with his family via phone calls weekly, but police report that his calls stopped sometime around the 11th or 12th of July. One of Camp's ex-girlfriends called looking for him, but a stranger picked up his phone and claimed that the VJ left three bags of his belongings with him. The circumstances seem unusual, and a police spokesperson told PageSix that Camp's sister stated he had been feeling depressed recently. Camp was last seen in Riverside, California, and has not been identified in any hospitals or jails. Riverside police took to Facebook to post a statement about the missing person report, and wrote, "There does not appear to be anything suspicious at this time regarding Jesse being missing other than his ceased contact with family and friends."