It seemed like an odd (or, erm, strange) choice to add Murs to the Strange Music roster. Don't get us wrong, Murs is an absolute veteran in the rap game and Tech N9ne's label has really shaped up into something impressive, but the two artists always seemed so different in their style

So we're excited now that following the announcement that Murs would become a Strange Music player we already are getting confirmation of a new album. Whether Mursday is a questionable title choice or not is another matter, we're just excited to hear more Murs and see him even get some (gasp!) label support when it comes to promotion. 

Mursday is coming this summer, so keep posted for updates. It's funny that the announcement comes off the heels of Murs' own recently launched Hip Hop trivia app, showing that he's been keeping quite busy.

Watch the fun little video that revealed Mursday below.