Mystikal's name very rarely makes the news for good reasons. He was released from prison earlier this year after posting bond for his involvement in a rape and kidnapping. He went back on the grind shortly after his release, continuing to perform shows within his bail conditions. Last night, the rapper hit the stage in Tampa but his fans didn't get much of a show. New footage emerged earlier today of the rapper taking a nasty off of the stage which ultimately forced him to cut the show short.

TMZ obtained footage of Mystikal's tumble off of the stage. The rapper was performing for no less than 30 seconds before he fell onto the floor below the stage. Apparently, it was due to a drink that fell across the floor do the stage right before Mystikal's set. After he stood up, he asked security for some assistance to get him back onto the stage. According to the tabloid publication, he spent the following 45 minutes in pain while sitting on the edge of the stage. A concertgoer said the rapper repeatedly said, "Man, I need an ambulance." 

It's impressive that he went on for that long despite the injury but inevitably, he had to cut the show short. You could see in the clip above that the security and crew had to help him off the stage.