We heard about Snoop Dogg's problems on 4/20 over the weekend, with the rapper's party celebrating the day getting shut down by the cops. Now, more news comes in about 4/20 debacles, this time involving Nappy Roots rapper R. Prophet.

R. Prophet had a run-in with the Kentucky State Police on 4/20, which resulted in him getting tasered, pepper sprayed, and arrested. According to the local news source, WLKY, the rapper was in a car that was pulled over by the cops at a DUI checkpoint the morning of April 20th.

Prophet was not immediately arrested, but offered the chance to call someone to pick him up from his location. However, he started demonstrating strange behavior, indicating he was under the influence.

"The guy refused to quit walking into the roadway. It was obvious to our troopers he was severely intoxicated," said a Kentucky State Police trooper. Eventually, the police attempted to arrest the Southern rapper, however he allegedly resisted. The cops had to taser him several times to get the handcuffs on him, and then several more times to get him into the squad car.

Once Prophet was in the backseat of the car, he began banging his head on the side of the window, forcing cops to taser him again, and pepper spray him, before finally restraining him a seat belt.

The police said of his complicated arrest, "I think due to his high level of intoxication. I think he just didn’t want to go along with the program."

The Nappy Roots group member was charged with alcohol intoxication, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and assaulting a police officer. Prophet was released the following day on bail.