Nas might be one of New York City's finest rappers, but that doesn't mean his life isn't without its bumps in the road. According to a recent report from The Blast, the Illmatic emcee is accusing his ex-wife Kelis of making moves that prevent him from seeing their 8-year-old son.

Nas supposedly has plans to take Kelis to court over this issue and wants to establish an official visitation schedule with an unbiased third party. He claims that he’s “tried to work cooperatively with Kelis over the years,” however she apparently only “allows” him to see their son “when she deems it convenient for her.” Nas is also claiming that, sometimes for months on end, Kelis will “refuse to set up time for our son and me to spend time together.”

Sources say that Nas’ proposed schedule would make him the one getting face time with his son on the first, third and fifth weekend of every month. The youngster would then spend Mother’s Day with Kelis and Father’s Day with Nas, with provisions being made so that both he and Kelis can see their son during their respective birthdays. Sounds like the road ahead for this former couple could one filled with contentious legal spats.

However unpleasant that experience might be for Nas, however, it may not compare to the original version of "Ether," which has been described as "terrible" by Steve Stoute. Read up on Stoute's thoughts as they relate to the legendary diss track here and take a peek at our latest Debut Album battle, which featured Nas going up against the late, great Big L.