It looks like we could expect Nas to drop this year as well. Though he's been consistently dropping records in the last two years with NASIR and Lost Tapes Vol 2, fans haven't necessarily been satisfied with the rapper's output. However, he has continued to tease more music in the stash. More recently, he spoke to Ralph McDaniels during the HipHopLovesNY benefit concert where he shared some top secret details about his forthcoming project.

"There's some projects going on. One of them, I was working with Hit-Boy and I still am. And then there's another, the one I'm working on, that I don't want to disclose. But Hit-Boy, that's been fun working with him. So he played a snippet during the battles the other day," he explained. "We got some things."

The last project Nas made exclusively with one producer was NASIR with Kanye and that was far more underwhelming than what anyone else expected. However, the snippet that Hit-Boy teased on Instagram did sound promising so perhaps, this album will mark the return of Nasty Nas.

Though Nas didn't reveal any confirmed dates for when we can hear new music, maybe there's a chance it'll arrive before the end of the year. Keep your eyes peeled for that.