Nas is still feeling the effects of a missed show last year in Angola. As we reported in Septemeber, Nas had missed a concert in Angola for a New Years Eve performance in 2011.

The concert promoter from Allgood Entertainment, Patrick Allocco, ended up being kidnapped in Angola, alongside his son, because Nas failed to show up. Although Nas eventually returned the $300,000 from the promoter for the show, he was still sued in a $10 million lawsuit.

Now, Nas' attorney is asking a judge to dismiss the $10 million lawsuit, according to a motion filed on Monday. Although it's not all-too-clear what exactly the $10 million covers in Allocco's lawsuit, he had mentioned extreme financial losses, physical trauma, as well as his son's post-traumatic stress disorder which occurred because of the hostage experience. 

Nas' lawyer says that Nas returned all the money he received from Allocco, and on top of that, Allocco had previously revealed that as long as he got back the $300,00 he would not sue the New York rapper.


[Update: More Details Emerge]

TMZ reports that new legal docs have given more insight into the suit. As previously stated, the docs claim that the issue was solved during the promoter's captivity, alleging that an agreement was made that Allocco would not sue if the advance was repaid, which it eventually was.

The docs also claim that Allocco flew to Angola as "human security" to work out the concert deal before Nas had even signed on, and thus knew what he was getting involved in.

The rapper then explains his failed appearance as a reaction to promoters breach of contract, indictating that he did not provide sufficient security, fumbled his plane tickets and paid the rappers advance late. 

The court has yet to decide on whether the case will be dismissed at this time.