The 1920's were an era of partying and excess; in other words, hip-hop would've fit right in as the soundtrack. But have you ever wondered what a classic rap track would've sounded like during the Prohibition era? PBS has given us the answer.

The public broadcaster is paying tribute to 1920s American music in the form of The American Epic, which consists of "a four-part series, a companion book, a soundtrack featuring 100 remastered songs, an educational outreach program, and a historical archive," according to their website. In a special clip published online, Nas re-does his classic track "One Mic" on a vintage recording system to give viewers an idea of how it would've sounded nearly 100 years ago.

Accompanied by Jack White on piano, that episode of The American Epic Sessions episode also featured Elton John, Raphael Saadiq, Beck and many others who recorded music on that amazing vintage system. Maybe scratchy, but definitely worth checking out, which you can do below.