Nas' album rollout is a little different than usual. With the shocking announcement last week that Kanye West would be producing a new Nas album on top of the four projects he had already planned, many fans of the rap legend were instantly excited. The 24-year anniversary of Illmatic's release just passed and a return to Nas' classic roots would please any of his diehard supporters, though the mere idea of a Nas record dropping in a few months is amazing enough. Yesterday, Kelis detailed the extent of her relationship with Nas, stating that he was a blackout drunk who abused her. Stating at one point that she had bruises all over her body, this is likely not the type of publicity Nas was expecting in advance of his project's release.

A new report released by Bossip suggests that the legend owes over $300K in back taxes to the state of Georgia. Giving Nas even more of a potential headache to deal with, the liens state that the rapper owes money from 2007 and 2010, noting that he has paid a portion of his tax debt but that he still owes a great deal of money. The documents write that Nas has until May 15 to pay the remainder of his debt and, if he is unsuccessful in doing so, additional charges will be added.

This is your daily reminder to file your taxes correctly because Uncle Sam is undefeated with an impeccable knockout percentage. We'll keep you updated on Nas' legal situation as updates come.