Two weeks ago, a Washington, D.C. family lost their apartment above a grocery store after a serious fire. Stanley Young, an unemployed construction worker and single father, has been living in a Holiday Inn with his seven children ever since. Although he's been working with the Red Cross, the District of Columbia Office of the Tenant Advocate and his church, he's running low on funds, and is required to leave the hotel by August 13th.

Enter Nas, who caught a news report on the situation earlier this week and took action. Using a CrowdTilt page, he's called for a show of financial support for the Young family. His initial target was $20,000, but the current total is $26,675 with 10 days left in the campaign. He was the first contributor. 

"Stanley Young is an unemployed construction worker and single father. Two weeks ago, a fire destroyed his home. His family is stuck in a hotel, but time is running out. I could barely watch his tragic story on the news," reads Nas' CrowdTilt message. "Help me give his family a miracle." 

The mother of Young's children passed away a year ago.

Watch the news report and read Nas' tweets about the initiative below, and show support at the CrowdTilt page if you wish.