While NBA All-Star Weekend grabbed everyone's attention for the past several days, there was still more sports events happening. The Daytona 500 was poppin' off yesterday and everyone who wasn't focusing on basketball was keeping tabs on what was going on with the NASCAR races. Austin Dillon pulled a major win last night and was even shocked to learn that he did win. Many people do some sort of dance for celebratory purposes when they win and Austin is no exception. He came out the car and brought it back to a popular ATL dance in celebration of his dub.

Austin Dillon had an incredible run during the Indy 500. During the last lap of the race, he managed lead the race and get the win. As he made it out of the car after hwe won, he hit a dab... as in the same dab that Hillary Clinton did on Ellen, not the ones that Action Bronson smokes during his cooking show. As the air surrounding him was covered in smoke from the screeching tires, he popped out and hittem' with one of the weirdest dabs scene on the planet. 

His dab resulted in some expected Twitter roasting from several users. Some of them saying that he should never do the dab again to others saying that he ruined his own win by doing the dab. It wasn't necessary but hey, the guy won. Let him live. 

Watch the clip below.