Rap music has come a long way as it pertains to the genre's acceptance in popular culture. There was a time when the Grammy Awards didn't even recognize Best Rap Album, that is until 1996 when they added the category to its list. The first artists to take home the coveted award was Naughty By Nature for their project Poverty's Paradise, and while they were overly-excited about their win at the time, they shared with Sway's Universe that they weren't even allowed on stage to accept their trophy.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The legendary rap group sat down with Sway and talked about what went down at the award ceremony nearly 25 years ago. "Let me tell you how times have changed and hip hop has been through so much," Treach began. "We couldn't even go on stage and receive our Grammy. We had to get it in the back." 

Vin Rock added, "It wasn't televised, we weren't able to go on stage... Actually, we were on our way to the venue to the ceremony [and] as we were coming into the venue they told us we won the Grammy. So, that's how we got it. And you know what? I remember goin' in the auditorium while the ceremony was going on and just scream 'Ah!'" No matter what, the audience was going to feel the presence of Naughty By Nature.

"For one, we weren't even apart of the ceremony," Vin stated in an explanation of his loud disruption. "It wasn't televised. We never got to go on stage to accept and thank the people. So, as I walked by the venue I just popped my head in and screamed." Sway's team added "now they need us," and the host continued, "Now the Grammys look like the Hip Hop Awards." Watch the group chat about their '90s Grammy win, and more, below.